Personal Best: A Thanksgiving Reflection

You always wonder when it will be the last time.  The last meal, the last book, you read, and if you are a runner your last personal best.  Since my running comeback, starting about three years ago, I have had a lot of personal bests up until now.  I started running the 5k at a bit over 38 minutes, and last Thanksgiving managed to to get my time down to just over 25 minutes.   Today, running the same race, I thought I might have a shot at beating that time for a new personal best but fell short finishing sixth in my age group a minute slower than last year.  Maybe these leg have another personal best left in them for the 5k and the 10k, or maybe even a half marathon (my marathon days are over), but then again, maybe not.  But, as I was thinking about this post, feeling a little too sorry for former olympian jeff gallowaymyself, it occurred to me that today was a personal best.  I just started out used the wrong measure.

This year two daughters and my son-in-law ran with me.   Last year only one other daughter ran with me, so I improved by two people this year.  Also, I have two grandchildren now, and I had only one, freshly minted,  this time last year.  I am the second person on the left and clearly the senior in the picture.

The four of us at the end of the 5k on Thanksgiving Day. A personal best.

So it was a great day after all when you think about it.  Especially if you consider what really matters.  Four of us got up early and braved a bitterly cold day to run together, and then we spent more time together at my parents house for Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.

I have so much to be thankful for, too much to even begin to mention all of it here now, and the four of us are already talking about doing it again in a couple of weeks for the Jingle Bell Run.  Personal bests happen everyday if you only take the time to identify them, recognize them, and appreciate what you have.

You can see some more pictures of todays race at my other blog.


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