Running Ugly Inside

Indoor running track.
Here is a straightaway heading into the weight room area. At this point I am running over the volley ball and basketball court area.

You can run ugly just about anywhere.  even inside.

I an not particularly fond of working out in the gym. I would rather walk, run, or bike outside.  Unfortunately every winter my resolve weakens as the days get short and the temperature goes down.  Running here in MIssouri can be miserable in the winter.  Much more difficult than it was in Colorado. Maybe it is the persistent variability of the weather, the humidity, or lack of sunlight?  I don’t know. I do know Missouri is famous for people having a vitamin D deficiency. Inevitably I resort to running inside.  It happened this week. It wasn’t so bad. Besides, I am lucky because we have an excellent facility here with a track, a huge indoor pool, great equipment, and reasonable cost with no contract.

In the past I was never able to keep accurate track of how many laps I had ran.  Last night I figured out how to solve this problem by using the standard issue clock app that came with my iPhone:


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