$49.99: The Affordable Misfit Flash Fitness Band

Box for the Misfit In an early post I wrote about the 10,000 step fitness phenomenon. The premise is that 10,000 walking steps per day is a good fitness goal, and there is good reason to believe that it is effective for those who use walking as their primary means of exercise. Other than finding the time to complete 10,000 steps, counting those steps can be a challenge as well, but advances in technology have made the task easier. Pedometers have been around for awhile and some of the better ones do work with reasonable accuracy and reliability. Nothing wrong with some of the better ones, but some of the cheaper models are useless. The modern smart phone, the tech equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife, has made many task easier, including keeping track of fitness data, and specifically in counting your steps. About two months ago I became intrigued with the Misfit Flash which resembles a wrist watch, and links to synchronize with a smart phone app available in Android or iPhone flavors. At $49.99 it is certainly one of the most, if not the most, affordable of the increasingly crowded wearable fitness bands that link with the users smart phone.

My impression is favorable with some caveats. The Misfit does some other things like tell IMG_1212time, albeit oddly, track sleep, and supposedly monitor other fitness activity. I did not use it for anything else. I did use it for monitoring how many steps I walked, and for that it performed admirably. The one issue I did have, and a colleague of mine experienced as well, is for the plastic wrist band to break at the circular ring part that holds the actual Misfit device in place. Replacement bands are pricey from the company, but are available on eBay from Chinese importers for about three bucks. The Misfit also comes with a clip which you can use instead of the band but I found another solution. I just put it in my sock and called it a day. Worked great.

If you want to try a fitness band for a rather modest investment, and want to track your steps this is a good product. Do keep in mind that the band the main unit snaps into is rather fragile and prone to breaking. It does comes with a clip that you can use to clip it onto your clothing but I have to tell you putting it in my sock worked as well as anything else.

Below are two screen shots, from different days. While I cannot vouch for the other functions the MIsfit, does do a good job of tracking your steps.  I also like the fact that the Misift is not always linked to your smart phone but links via blue tooth when you want it to update.  There was an unexpected benefit as well.  The device challenged me to reach my goal of 10,000 steps.  To do that I would park further away, a practice I advocate but don’t always follow, and talk longer roundabout walks in general.  It adds up.



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