Best Ugly Shoes Ever

At first I had runner’s knee on the left leg, and that took me out for about 6 weeks. Then I had plantar fascitis on the right foot, and that took me out for about another 2 months. For a while I even had both. I will be 60 in December. It happens.  This is a short post about how I recovered.

For the knee I went to an orthopedic Sports Specialists who gave me the exercises that I needed.   I also found out that it would help if I would shorten my stride.   I kept it under advisement because I had to recover from the plantar fascitis before I could run.

Then my research told me that I needed zero lift shoes for the plantar fascitis.  Also, that it would probably help my knee as well. I happened upon the Altar brand and purchased a pair of them. Probably the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had. Without a doubt the ugliest. Judge for yourself from the picture below. I also learned that if I landed on the ball of my foot rather than the heel it would be easier on my foot – I was a heel  striker. Gradualy my foot begin to get better after my knee did. I was able to walk some, and then do a little jogging.  Now a little running. 

Slowly but surely I put it all together. Surprisingly I found it easy to convert my stride from a long one to short quicker ones, and discovered that with  zerolift shoes, I was naturally landing on the ball of my foot. Sometimes I have to concentrate to make this happen, but it seems natural.  I have had some practice race walking doing that  kind of stride. The shorter, quicker, strides are much faster for me than the longer stride. Just as they are in race walking.   They are certainly easier on my knees and foot. God willing I will be running a 5k on Thanksgiving.


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