Hand Held Bicycle Mirror

I am actively looking for a bike mirror to use on my commute.  I saw this one on Amazon and was intrigued.  In the picture below the flap is closed concealing the mirror.


Here is is with the mirror opened. This is the standard way to wear it with the mirror sitting on your wrist.


This is the way that worked for me.  I have it on riding over the backside of my palm and canted at an angle.


It works but it does have issues.  I have a huge blind spot no matter how I angle or wave my arm around in an effort to try to see what is close behind me.  I had one big delivery truck thirty feet in back of me and couldn’t see it.  I could hear it though.  I could only see it using the old school method of simply turning my head.  The mirror definitely needs to be a little bigger, and it also needs to magnify the image more.  Stuff looks pretty far away back there.

Tomorrow I am riding my hybrid.  I am anxious to see what happens without the drop bars.  Will the straight bars, and the geometry of that bike make a difference?  Useful, but not the solution I was looking for.

I have one intersection that is very busy when I come home, and cars drive fast.  There is a bike lane, but I to make a left turn in front of whatever is behind me, and whoever is oncoming as well as deal with people merging one direction or the other from the street I am trying to turn onto.  Often I just pull to the side and look.  Turning the head doesn’t work so well in this situation.

The other area where I would like a good mirror, which  has lots more traffic than the aforementioned intersection, is downtown.  Other than that, except for a detour while there is some bridge construction, is the trail.  Most of my ride is on a trail that is free of traffic except for other bikes, and people on foot.

I used a helmet mounted mirror years ago and I was not a fan.  I am going to try it again, and just work with it until I get used to it.  That is the plan anyway.



3 thoughts on “Hand Held Bicycle Mirror

  1. Hi, Michael! Long time no see. Nice piece on the bike mirror. As a retired guy, I don’t commute, but I would like to know a good way to see what is behind me when I am on the bike. Couldn’t tell from your pics if the Amazon mirror was convex or flat. I have a hard time reading convex mirrors. We have some in my building and I can never tell if someone is coming or not. They really distort distance. Good luck with your quest.


  2. Interesting entry – I wondered about those wrist-mounted mirrors. I too am working on a mirror. Recently mounted a mirror on my helmet, but am having trouble with it – I think it is too far away. Talking to fellow riders – I think I’m going to an eyeglass mount – not too expensive anyway. As I get older it’s getting harder to twist my head around and am not confident relying on sound.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I should probably post an update because I used it yesterday on another bike and then put it back on my drop bar by today. It does work but you have to lift your hand up pretty high and move it to your left and then you can see pretty good what’s behind you. Also with practice it’s gotten better. Coming in this morning I was able to use it much better than all the other times. I’m not real keen on taking my hand off the bar though. I think the trick with bike mirrors you have to use them a lot and learn how to adjust them.

      I am going to try the Bike Peddler which is used with glasses. Great ratings on Amazon and a pretty good price at around 12 bucks with Prime.


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