Mindfulness, Minimalism, and Fitness: What do they have in common?

To me fitness is not an end into itself but a tool for better living.  My path to fitness started with diet, evolved to include fitness, from there to mindfulness, and finally to minimalism.  I forgot to mention the very beginning  of all this was getting away from a cigarette addiction. What do all those things have in common?  Getting rid of what you don’t need.  Eliminating what is either harmful or burdensome.  Eliminating the foods you don’t need,  the weight that holds you back and breaks your health, the excessive stress and relentless pace of modern life, and then finally all that “stuff” we don’t need.  Travel light.

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation on mindfulness at the Lake of the Ozarks for the Missouri chapter of the National Association of Social Works (NASW).    You can find the  presentation here as a PDF file.  It is subject to change – a work in progress.